A Bio-Resonance system scans thousands of frequencies (including pathogens, toxins, organ(s), body systems, foods, emotions, etc.) to determine the underlying causes of imbalance and ill health in the body. I utilize the scan to understand areas of the body that need support. Through Muscle Testing and Energetic Cellular Release, we will address these imbalances and provide your body with the reinforcement it needs. 
I will develop an individualized plan with nutritional, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations tailor made for you.

The Process



90 MIN FOLLOW-UP: $300
60 MIN FOLLOW-UP: $200


Follow up appointments
2-3 weeks after initial appointment CONTAINING muscle testing, ecr, and any adjustments to action steps as needed.

Due to state regulations, I cannot take Nutrition clients in the following states: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wyoming. 

I use the Bioresonance (BRT) scan to provide a comprehensive overview of how your organ systems are functioning, possible pathogens impacting your body, and more. Muscle Response Testing is always used after BRT to fine-tune what we need to focus on first. BRT allows us to see big picture, Muscle Testing allows us to get even more specific. 

How do you utilize the Bio-resonance scan? 

Whatever concern brings you here, it likely didn't happen over night. There are always a multitude of factors that we're working to unwind and understand. Taking a holistic approach means this is not symptom management or a quick fix. A good phrase to keep in mind is "go slow to go fast" or "slow is smooth, smooth is fast."

My goal is to help you have lifelong, sustainable health and that takes time! The clients that see the most progress/success stay the course; they don’t jump around to various programs and don’t constantly introduce new supplements, cleanses, etc. My approach with supplements is simplicity and specificity, more is not better. My job is to help you attain lifelong, sustainable health and that takes time, consistency, and refinement. 

This process takes time! Go slow to go fast.

What is Holistic Wellness all about? 

For additional information abour Muscle testing and ECR, check out faqs!

Many clients come to me with the desire to lose weight. I'm not opposed to helping you find a weight that empowers you and supports your vibrant health. However, I will never push weight loss while sacrificing your health in other areas. In addition, it's crucial you're operating from a place of compassion and acceptance for your body. If your desire for weight loss is stemming from a place of hatred, we spend a lot of time working on your relationship to your body and working towards understanding and appreciation.

If you are looking for a crash course weight loss program, this isn't for you

I provide education, clarity, guidance, and perspective, but ultimately,  I am here to help develop your confidence and trust in yourself. The purpose of holistic nutritional counseling is to help you understand what nourishment your body needs, and to become less reliant on outside influence. I don't want you to spend a lifetime swaying with every health/nutrition trend. 

My role as your practitioner: 

What age clients do I work with for Holistic Wellness? 

I work with teens and adults of all ages for Holistic Wellness. I work with infants, kids and adults of all ages for Mind Body Spirit Release™. 

Is it a good fit?


If you need any clarifications or have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I book appointments approximately 2 - 4 weeks out. 

I believe a healthy life is a right for all.

I have been Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition™ since 2018, and have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of clients in my career path thus far.

I truly love food and believe there’s a tremendous need to bring more connection, joy, and simplicity to the world of health and nutrition. I believe we can attain both vibrant health and ease, that there’s no need for an ultra-dogmatic approach.

I strive to provide clarity and education, help clients achieve self-compassion, and promote healing! There is never a single factor or root cause that is contributing to symptoms or illness. 

Holistic health for those who want freedom, simplicity, and ease welcomed into their life.

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist™ 
Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition
Master MBSR™ and ECR™ Practitioner
BA in Psychology from Texas A&M University

Meet Amanda

holistic health advocate

holistic health advocate



I believe that the best way we can support our immune system is through simple, consistent care. "The best defense is good offense" is true for our bodies as well!

You will learn about how to balance the nervous system, optimize hormones, support metabolic and mitochondrial metabolic function, and reduce chronic inflammation.  

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