Through ideomotor testing, I will identify the combination of emotions, limiting beliefs, hormones, neurotransmitters (and more) that are repeatedly mobilized and causing stress in the body. MBSR™ helps to reduce emotional and physical stress on the body. Instead of being directed by subconscious reactions, MBSR™ helps us to recognize what is impacting our emotions and behavior, and “deactivate” the reactions. 

The Process



90 MIN FOLLOW-UP: $300
60 MIN FOLLOW-UP: $200

MBSR™ has helped my clients with:
-breaking free from disordered eating patterns 
-reducing verbal and motor tics
-improving their relationship with their body
-reducing fear and anxiety
-progressing physical health + healing
-gaining confidence
-improve business outcomes (build business, increase profit)
-mend relationships
-improve self-worth and self-image

What does MBSR™ help with? 

Some people immediately feel like a weight is lifted: very relaxed and, hopeful/joyful. Occasionally, some clients experience a  detox of sorts; their body is finally able to release stored physical and emotional toxins. Symptoms of this detox could be fatigue, headaches, nausea or even a brief resurgence of past physical or emotional issues. Be gentle with yourself and rest as needed- it typically passes within 24 hours. 

What will I experience after an MBSR™ session?

There's not a set number of sessions you will need to accomplish your goal, but it's not a "one and done" approach! Energy work accelerates improvement, but all holistic approaches take time. A good phrase to keep in mind is "go slow to go fast." The intention of this work is always to "graduate" clients; I want you to accomplish your goals and move onward. 

How many sessions will I need? 

This service is at all times restricted to education on the subject of holistic health, intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is not a replacement for professional counseling/therapy and does not involve the diagnosing, treating, or prescribing of remedies for disease. I am not a medical doctor or licensed therapist. 

Is Mind Body Spirit Release™ facilitated by therapists? 

What is Mind Body Spirit Release™ all about ?

Is MBSR™  appropriate to use as a Christian? 

As a Christian MBSR™ practitioner, I'm in no way acting as a spiritual advisor or medium. I view being an MBSR™ practitioner similar to the function of a chiropractor - I facilitate the reduction of stress on your nervous system. MBSR™ encourages us to be self-aware and take responsibility/ownership, but it’s not a replacement for God’s grace or healing. I work with and welcome people of different belief systems! Please click here for a  detailed video addressing MBSR and Christianity that includes an article with resources. 

For additional info, check out faqs and read a brief article about how MBSR works here. 

What age of client do I work with for MBSR™? 

I work with infants, kids and adults of all ages for MBSR™. I work with teens and adults of all ages for Holistic Wellness.


I'm 100% certain it helped. I have been feeling less resentful and making more of an effort to be kind & engage with her, and she's reciprocated. She apologized to me for our difficulties when I was young and told me she does care about me. Since I got here, she's been taking me on walks, bike rides, to watch a polo match, just us! She even made me a little embroidered towel for my van. She's taking an active interest in my life and we're both learning things about each other; I think she's been surprised at how kind and mature I am, she always thought of me as the angry and troubled little girl I was growing up. I still don't think she understands the extent of the trauma she caused me, but she doesn't need to know that for *me* to heal. It's been so freaking cool to let my resentments go...I never thought this was possible. Thank you so much for helping me get here.” 

Amanda — I just wanted to let you know about the beautiful healing I've experienced with my stepmom since I got here to her and my dad's house, which was my intention for our clearing.


Amanda has brought so much value and vibrancy into my life! With the advice, affirmations, and even just conversation we’ve had, I really feel like me again. She’s made me feel so supported and cared for in a time where I felt as If I had almost no one on my side. Amanda is kind, smart, wonderful with words, and so easy to talk to. I would recommend working with her to anyone and everyone!

I had intense and disruptive verbal and physical tics and after a few months of working with Amanda, I have zero tics, I’ve felt happier, had more energy, and found a beautiful amount of peace with things from my past and my present.


I am content, peaceful and at rest. I have never felt this way my entire life! I simply and humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving me and being such an amazing vessel for the Lord to use to reach inside of me and touch all the broken places with His love. There are no words for my gratitude to and for you! I deeply love and appreciate you, Amanda! 

All I can say is it feels like my mind/body has been swept clean. I am content, peaceful and at rest. I have never felt this way my entire life!

How has MBSR helped? 

If you need any clarifications or have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I am now booking appointments 3 - 4 weeks out. 

Is it a good fit?


How many sessions will I need? 

I believe a healthy life is a right for all.

I have been a full-time Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist™ since 2018, and have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of clients in my career path thus far.

I truly love food and believe there’s a tremendous need to bring more connection, joy, and simplicity to the world of nutrition. I believe we can attain both vibrant health and ease in our lives, and that it’s worth working for. I strive to provide clarity and education, help clients achieve self-compassion for their bodies, promote healing, help them unpack and heal from stressors and toxins, and encourage everyone to genuinely enjoy food! 

Holistic health for those who want freedom, simplicity, and ease welcomed into their life.

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist™ 
Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition
Master MBSR™ and ECR™ Practitioner
BA in Psychology from Texas A&M University

Meet Amanda

holistic nutritionist

holistic nutritionist



I believe that the best way we can support our immune system is through simple, consistent care. "The best defense is good offense" is true for our bodies as well!

You will learn about how to balance the nervous system, optimize hormones, support metabolic and mitochondrial metabolic function, and reduce chronic inflammation.  

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