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I'm one of the lucky ones who truly loves what they do! I've endured many health challenges in my own life, yet I've experienced drastic improvements in my physical and emotional wellbeing. There’s a tremendous need to bring more connection, joy, and simplicity to the world of holistic health.

There's never a single factor or root cause that is contributing to illness; I believe understanding our health is akin to untangling a knot. However, that is why I am passionate about utilizing muscle testing and Mind Body Spirit Release™; these methods provide us the tools to simplify and gain understanding about our health from a holistic lens.  

I’m passionate about walking beside my clients through life’s challenges and difficult seasons and providing thoughtful, loving care. I love caring for the whole family (including kids, teenagers, and men) because oftentimes they don’t have a resource in the realm of energy work. Women usually lead the way in embracing this work, but it’s so powerful when we can involve the entire family. 

I live with my husband and son in Denver, CO where you can find us venturing to the mountains on the weekends. 

A little about my education and training:  I obtained a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition, a BA in Psychology from Texas A&M University. I am Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® as well as a Master MBSR™ Practitioner and Lead Instructor at the Mind Body Spirit Release™ Academy. I've had the distinct honor of training hundreds of practitioners in the Mind Body Spirit Release™ method.

I'd love to help you on your journey to the foundations of good health. 

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Less tracking, more living.

Imagine that you're uninhibited from constant stress, busy-ness, or preoccupation with health concerns. Life feels simpler, yet fuller. This is soulful living

Are you overwhelmed all the time?

Do you feel frustrated by repeating the same patterns over and over, unsure of how to stop? 

Are you tired of overcomplicated health protocols? 

change is possible.


Utilizing Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR), BioResonance technology, Energetic Cellular Release™ (ECR), Muscle Response Testing (MRT), mindfulness practices, nutritional counseling, stress resilience, and supplement/environmental advisement, I will  help you discover what empowers your body to thrive. 

Discover Vibrant Health

Wellness made simple

- AR

Amanda has brought so much value and vibrancy into my life!
With the advice, affirmations, and even just conversation we’ve had, I really feel like me again. She’s made me feel so supported and cared for in a time where I felt as If I had almost no one on my side. Amanda is kind, smart, wonderful with words, and so easy to talk to. I would recommend working with her to anyone and everyone!

 I had intense and disruptive verbal and physical tics and after a few months of working with Amanda, I have zero tics, I’ve felt happier, had more energy, and found a beautiful amount of peace with things from my past and my present.

- B G 

 I simply and humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving me and being such an amazing vessel for the Lord to use to reach inside of me and touch all the broken places with His love. I deeply love and appreciate you, Amanda!

All I can say is it feels like my mind/body has been swept clean. I am content, peaceful and at rest. I have never felt this way my entire life!

- MB

This can lead to some very vulnerable moments which she handles with care, relatability and trust. The care Amanda gives is full of honor, and kindness. She genuinely makes you feel special. She is a great facilitator by gracefully guiding sessions, respecting your time and fully equipping you with an action plan that you will feel good about. I’m thankful my path was guided to her.

It was important to me to find a Christian practitioner when it came to energy healing/muscle testing because I didn’t fully understand the concept. Amanda has answered countless questions and has provided resources to help me grasp the world of energy. She is a gracious teacher and I see Christ working through her.

Amanda’s light shines bright. I leave every appointment feeling heard, understood and encouraged. She is gifted in many ways, one way that really stands out to me is how she is able to read between the lines and ask intentional questions to pinpoint what to focus on for each session.

- K N

I used to feel overwhelmed by nutrition, I thought that constant discomfort was a part of life, and it felt like doctors never felt listened to me, which left me with a lot of anxiety around my health management. All that changed since working with Amanda. I look back, and I feel like a completely different person because of how transformative the whole process has been. She is endlessly compassionate and truly wants the best for you.. I couldn't recommend working with Amanda more!

Amanda has truly changed my life. I have felt seen, known, and understood in a way I never have when working with a healthcare practitioner.

- L J

Amanda is a very talented practitioner. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and intuitive and thoughtful in her care. I started seeing her for one reason and ended up feeling better in other areas of my life that I did not realize needed balance. Some things Amanda has helped me with are inflammation, constipation and digestive issues, sleep and anxiety and just overall feeling happier! I look forward to my time with her and absolutely recommend her if you're looking to improve your health and life.

Amanda empowers you to learn not only about a healthy body, but a healthy mind, while never pushing her personal agenda.

- S H 

Amanda practices in an area where most clients have become frustrated from lack of results, conflicting information, and a variety of emotional issues that accompany those things. Despite these hurdles in her practice, Amanda possesses a gift to apply both science and common sense, discipline and empathy to help her clients achieve their goals. She has tremendous listening skills she couples with excellent research skills and practical tips to provide clients with not only a do-able action list, but she also addresses the emotional aspects through muscle testing and ECR to obtain optimum results!

Amanda's the whole package and the real deal – I could not recommend her services more highly!

- L S

Amanda is such a breath of fresh air! She has a very practical and common sense approach, engages in dialogue about experiences with diet, supplements, and lifestyle. After reviewing my medical history and talking to me about my goals, she did extensive muscle testing which confirmed that I did not need to be on such a restrictive diet and I could continue with homeopathic remedies for my protocol. I was so relieved! Amanda is engaging, intuitive, explorative and very thorough. I cannot say enough good things about her

Amanda doesn't leave any stone unturned when determining the best approach to healing.


Being healthy doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming,

there is a different way. 

Let's get started. 



I believe that the best way we can support our immune system is through simple, consistent care. "The best defense is good offense" is true for our bodies as well!

You will learn about how to balance the nervous system, optimize hormones, support metabolic and mitochondrial metabolic function, and reduce chronic inflammation.  

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